Ashkan Abdoli

The List ll – On Paper

March 10 – April 03, 2017 | O Gallery

The exhibition on view was only possible with the help of Ashkan Sanei and the generosity of Fereydoun Ave. The exhibition “List II – works on paper,” is defined not by artistic medium, historic period or the identity of the artist but by the material on which the artwork is made. Fortunately or unfortunately, that leaves the possibilities pretty wide-open. But that’s what we’ve been after. To show a selection of works on paper that we find noteworthy.
Artists’ ages, styles and prices range considerably, all of which makes for an unpredictable, entertaining and for collectors, potentially profitable experience.
Though we’ve never favored the crowded hodgepodge style, it was impossible to shorten the list of the artists any further.
Much of the pleasure of the show is in discovering outstanding single pieces and we hope to be able to continue this engaging experience with the focus on drawing and works on paper for years to come.

*Press Release from O Gallery